Lady Bug Child care In West Phoenix area Your Children count with a safe and a clean environment in which he or she can learn and play.

we also offer your children two main healthy and nutrition meals and one snack at no extra charge.

                                                                Rates and Fees

                                                                                  Weekly Private

4 weeks to 12 months                                                      $200.00

1 year to 2 years                                                              $180.00

3 years to 5 years                                                            $160.00

DES Per Family Weekly                                                  $45.00


We Accept DES/Major Credit Cards/Checks/Cash

Note: Weekly is days during the week, Full-Time is 45 hours a week, . Full-Time is 9 hours a day Monday thru Friday,


Payments are due once a week in advance at the beginning of the week in which your children are to be cared for. for weekly rates, you will be charge for the days your children do not attend the facility